Allen DuPont Breck Award

This award was established to honor the memory of Allen DuPont Breck, University of Denver history professor and founder of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association. Extraordinarily gifted as a teacher, he was also creative in his vision, particularly in his idea that an organization of medievalists and Renaissance scholars was needed in this region. Accordingly, in 1966 he convened a meeting in his living room in which he proposed the founding of the RMMRA, as well as a corresponding scholarly journal. The fledgling organization held its first meeting at the University of Denver in 1968, organized around the theme of “The Bishop in Medieval and Renaissance Society.” The Association’s Bylaws were established in 1980 and published that year in the first issue of Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association, along with Allen’s review of the history of the organization to that point. The RMMRA is grateful for his convivial vision of “a proper forum for the sharing of scholarly study of one of the most significant periods of human history.”

The Allen DuPont Breck Award is given for the best paper given by a junior scholar (from graduate students to assistant professors, including independent scholars and adjunct faculty at equivalent rank). The Breck award carries an award of $300, the option of publication in the Association’s journal Quidditas, and recognition at the annual awards ceremony.


The applications will be due several weeks following each year’s conference according to the date set by the RMMRA president. Applicants should submit the paper as presented at the conference (i.e. not substantially revised for publication) to the RMMRA president.

The applications will be judged by the RMMRA president and an appointed committee from the Executive Council, using the academic quality of the paper as the essential criterion. The president and committee should recuse themselves in instances of potential conflicts of interest. Members of the Executive Council may apply, as may winners of the Walton Travel Grant. Winners may be asked to revise their paper for publication in Quidditas.



If you are interested in making a contribution to support the Breck Award, please contact the current RMMRA treasurer.  Your tax-deductible donation will be greatly appreciated.

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