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Quidditas, the annual, online journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association invites submissions from all aspects of medieval and Renaissance or early modern disciplines: literature, history, art, music, philosophy, religion, languages, rhetoric, Islamic and New World cultures, global regions and comparative and interdisciplinary studies. Articles appearing in Quidditas are abstracted and indexed in MLA, Historical Abstracts, Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index, America: History and Life, EBSCOhost, and Oxbridge Standard Periodical Directory, and Ex Libris has designated Quidditas as a peer-reviewed journal in its SFX Knowledgebase. Our online format enables us to publish extensive illustrations. Since there is no subscription fee, the journal is easily available from any computer. Authors will be informed about the disposition of all manuscripts within three months of receipt.

Quidditas features a “Notes” section for short articles pertaining to factual research, bibliographical and/or archival matters, corrections and suggestions, pedagogy and other matters pertaining to the research and teaching of Medieval and Renaissance disciplines. Our “Reviews” section seeks longer Review of Literature essays and short “Texts and Teaching” reviews of individual textbooks and other published materials that instructors have found especially valuable in teaching courses in Medieval and Renaissance disciplines.

Membership in the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association is not required for submission or publication.

Guidelines for Submission

Please submit your article manuscript, Note, or Review electronically in MS Word (.doc or .docx) to the appropriate editor below. Use The Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.). The author’s name must not appear within the text. All articles, Notes, and Reviews must include a short abstract (200 words maximum) before the main text, and a bibliography of works cited at the end. A cover letter with the author’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and manuscript title must accompany all submissions.

Documentation: Quidditas uses footnotes. No endnotes or parenthetical citations, please.

Since submissions must include a full bibliography, footnotes, including the first footnote reference, should use abbreviated author, title, and page. For example:

Bibliographical entry—Nirenberg, David. Communities of Violence: Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1996.

First and subsequent footnotes—Nirenberg, Communities of Violence, 22-24.

Do not use ibid. Subsequent references to the same work should continue the use of abbreviated author, title and page number.

Please send submissions for Articles and Notes to:

Professor James H. Forse, Editor


Please send submissions for Reviews section to:

Professor Jennifer McNabb, Associate Editor


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